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How I use Puppet at work

These are my notes for a presentation at my university on how I am using Puppet at work.
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Puppet module for /etc/fstab mounts

Puppet has a native module for handling fstab mounts. Here is an example:

class data_mounted {
    mount { "/data":
        device  => "/dev/sdb1",
        fstype  => "ext4",
	ensure  => "mounted",
	options => "defaults",
        atboot  => "true",

The “device” directive can take anything what you’d normally put in the first column of /etc/fstab, i.e. if you are mounting by label (which is probably the best way to mount partitions) then instead of “/dev/sdb1” call for “LABEL=data”, where ls -l /dev/disk/by-label/data should point to the actual [and existing] partition, which in my case is /dev/sdb1.

The “fstype” is the actual type of the partition, if you are not sure of the type you can check it with df -T. You can mount linux ext partitions, nfs, samba, 9p etc.

For more on fstab file system types and mount options check

Hello World!

I’ve been told it’s good to start everything with a Hello World so here we go.

Hello World! This is awaseroot.

This is a new blog from the authors of the AwaseConfigurations project. This blog will be a place for us to post our findings and solutions to various Linux related topics. In our previous project we focused on centralized management and I believe we’ll be using and improving some of that material as well.

We will focus a lot on configuration management and system administration. The blog will contain a lot of tutorials, code/script examples and solutions to advanced as well as everyday linux use.

awaseroot team:
Henri Siponen
Armens Movsesjans