Puppet with Windows clients

I was asked if I had configured Windows clients for a Puppet server running on Linux. I have, and I write everything down whenever I make some new configurations. So here’s my notes on configuring Windows Puppet clients for Ubuntu Puppet server. Don’t forget to check the official guides.

Test environment:
Ubuntu 12.10
Windows 7 64-bit
Puppet 2.7.18
Puppet agent for Windows 3.1.0-rc2

My hostnames in this guide are as follows:

Puppetmaster server = puppetserver.local
Windows client = henri-pc

I’m assuming you have puppet server configured. Check this tutorial if you don’t.

Ping pong

Make sure that your master and agent machines can reach each other.
On windows machine:
ping puppetserver.local

On Linux machine:
ping henri-pc.local

If you can’t ping your puppet server by hostname, you should add the hostname to your windows hosts file:


Download Puppet for Windows:

I used puppet-3.1.0-rc2.msi:

You can install the Puppet client by just running the installer or by running this command:

msiexec /qn /i puppet-3.1.0-rc2.msi PUPPET_MASTER_SERVER=puppetserver.local

Replace puppetserver.local with the hostname of your puppetmaster server.
Replace puppet-3.1.0-rc2.msi with your puppet installer.

Server config

On the server, check that you got a certificate request and sign it:
sudo puppet cert --list
sudo puppet cert --sign --all


Create a test module:

class wintest { file { 'c:/hello.txt': content => 'Hello master!' } }

Add the windows machine to your site.pp manifest:


node 'henri-pc.local' { include wintest }

It works!

Now you can wait for the agent to fetch the module or you can force it by running the puppet agent from the windows start menu or by restarting the puppet agent service.

If everything went fine, you should have hello.txt file on your windows machine.

There’s another Puppet module (nsclient++) for Windows on our github:

It doesn’t work!

If you have problems:
Is puppet agent service running?


Can Windows host ping the puppet master?


Can puppet master ping windows?


The hostnames are correct in windows puppet config and in site.pp?

Puppet config file for windows can be found here:

Also check the /var/log/syslog for errors.
If you see this error ( is my windows box):
Could not resolve no name for

Add the ip to your /etc/hosts  henri-pc

Still having problems? Check the Event Viewer of your windows machine:
Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Application

If you see this error:
Couldn not send report: Server hostname ‘xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx’ did not match server certificate; expected one of …

Add the puppetmaster hostname to your windows machine’s hosts file:
C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts puppetserver

And make sure the hostname in the config is the same as above:



PuppetLabs – Puppet on Windows: http://docs.puppetlabs.com/windows/index.html

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