Lecture on Fabric

Last week I was given an opportunity to give a lecture on our Linux course of Centralized Management taught by Tero Karvinen. I’m actually a student on this course so I was quite surprised when Tero asked me. This was the first time ever I’ve been asked to actually give a proper lecture to a class of more than 20 students so I was very honored and excited. Of course I’ve done many presentations in front of a class before but giving a full four hour lecture was something new.

The topic was a Python tool called Fabric and I was given free hands on how to do it. I do have some knowledge about Fabric as I was responsible for our Fabric configuration in our AwaseConfigurations project and I’m also using Fabric in my thesis which I’m working on right now. I had about a week to prepare for the lecture and it was plenty enough to get ready. I was a bit worried though as I’ve never even thought of lecturing like this and who knows if I’m any good.

And you know what? It couldn’t have gone any better. The students were paying attention and asking questions, listening to what I had to say. I had time to go through all of my material and I like to believe many learned the basics of Fabric quite well.

It was overall very nice experience and I’m happy I did it. The planning and the actual lecture also taught me to structure my thoughts in a way that it was easy to share the information and teach others. Big thanks to Tero for trusting me and giving me this opportunity!

I’ve gathered all the discussed material and a bit more to these two Fabric tutorials:

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